Annual Group Meeting 2017

And so begins another batty year! On Saturday 29th April we held our annual general meeting at Brampton Memorial Hall, which was well attended by a number of our members. First up on the agenda was an update of our finances and activities during the last year followed with the election or re-election of committee members. The bat group committee for 2017 is as follows:

  • Chris Vine – chairman, also leads the hibernation surveys and bat box checks
  • Antonio Moreno – secretary, also runs the Monk’s Wood research project
  • Tori Alexander – membership officer
  • Jonathan Durward – treasurer, also runs the Nathusius’ project and surveys with the Wildlife Trust BCN
  • Rachel Bates – events coordinator, also runs the website and research projects for wildlife conservation charities
  • Val Perrin – data searches and records submission
  • Susan Hyde – bat care queen

Other members of the committee who support us and provide advice include:

  • Antony Mould – leads events and bat box checks around Peterborough, runs the March Noctule roost counts
  • Steve Parnwell
  • Will O’Connor

After all the ‘boring’ stuff was out of the way we were treated to a wonderful talk from Ani Binet of Annyctalus Ecology, a non-profit bat research organisation based in Jersey. She told us a bit about the Jersey Bat Group and joint research projects to find out more about bats on the island, including the creation of a Roost Register database and the Woodland Project, which confirmed that both Alcathoe Myotis alcathoe and Daubenton’s Myotis daubentonii are both present.

Prior to the AGM, our chairman Chris Vine led a group to carry out bat box checks at Hinchingbrooke Country Park. A total of 12 noctules Nyctalus noctula and 23 soprano pipistrelles Pipistrellus pygmaeus were recorded, down on previous years.

Photo credit: Mark Hows




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