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Catching Bats in Monks Wood

In early summer 2016 Antonio Moreno carried out walked transect routes in Monks Wood National Nature Reserve, with the aim of discovering what bat species may be around and finding some batty hotspots to trap at. He did find his hoped-for hotspots and so later that summer a small group of volunteers braved the midges to set up harp traps and mist nets to confirm what bat species may be floating around.

Although we didn’t go to Monks Wood specifically for Nathusius’ pipistrelle, funnily enough this was the first bat species that found its way into one of the harp traps. That evening was a good one, with nine bats caught of six different species, with the addition of brown long-eared, soprano pipistrelle, natterer’s, leisler’s, and barbastelle (which we named Barbara after one of the volunteers present).

Fast forward to May 2017 and we went back to Monks Wood with the sole purpose of trapping for small myotis bats. And to our pleasant surprise the small myotis bats came out to play, with four identified as whiskered and the other an uncertainty. Droppings from this bat have been sent off for analysis so hopefully we will find out soon what species it is!


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