Bat Care

Update From The Rehabbers

Barbara York is one of the Cambridgeshire Bat Group bat carers. Here, she gives us an update on some of the bats she has had in care so far this season…

The flight tent

So far this year we have rescued four baby bats (pups); three common pipistrelles and one soprano pipistrelle. Unfortunately the soprano pipistrelle didn’t make it but the other three are almost ready to be released. Before their daily weigh-in they usually cuddle up together, high inside one of the roost cloths. They are kept in a flight tent – you can just see it on the left – where they have plenty of room to fly about and develop their flight muscles. Also, by being together they will learn the social skills necessary to survive.

This year we have two females and one male; Neneh, RP, and Baby Chett. In a few days’ time they will go to an outdoor flight cage, where they will hone their flying and feeding skills before being released back into the wild.

Babs York

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