About Us

Aims of Our Group

  • Educate the general public about and raise awareness of bats in Cambridgeshire;
  • Study and monitor known bat roosts and populations;
  • Participate in national research projects and initiate local research projects;
  • Keep a database of species distributions;
  • Provide care and rehabilitation for injured bats; and
  • Provide help and advice for anyone who may need it.
Blatantly copying the idea from baking-queen Jude of Bedfordshire Bat Group, we’ve found that cake goes very well with some of our events.


Who We Are

The Cambridgeshire Bat Group committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). From April 2017, the committee comprises of the following bat enthusiasts;

Chris Vine – chairman, also leads the hibernation surveys and bat box checks

Antonio Moreno – secretary, also runs the Monk’s Wood research project

Tori Alexander – membership officer

Jonathan Durward – treasurer, also runs the Nathusius’ project and surveys with the Wildlife Trust BCN

Rachel Bates – events coordinator, also runs the website and research projects for wildlife conservation charities

Val Perrin – data searches and records submission

Susan Hyde – bat care queen


Other members of the committee who support us and provide advice include:

Antony Mould – leads events and bat box checks around Peterborough, runs the March Noctule roost counts

Steve Parnwell

Will O’Connor