Bat Records

Data Submission

The Cambridgeshire Bat Group has a database of bat sightings and records from all over the county. This information can be valuable for looking at species distribution, population trends, and for ecological consultants needing historical records when working on projects. Looking at the spread of species records also helps the bat group identify areas that need further survey to cover any gaps in geographical coverage.

The most important aspect of continuing this database is the contribution of records from members of the public, not just from ecologists or bat carers’. If you see a bat on your evening walk or on your way home from work, have a bat flying around in your dining room, or know that you have roosting bats, we’d be very grateful if you could share your sightings with us.

Key information needed to enter data into the database includes:

  • Species name (if known)
  • Date of the observation
  • Name of the location of the observation
  • Ordnance Survey 6-figure grid reference (or better if you have a GPS) OR postcode of location (this information is essential for us to be able to pinpoint the location for our records)
  • Details of observation e.g. numbers seen, if recorded on bat detector, behaviour, bat roost, etc.
  • Your name and email address or phone number (in case we need to get back to ask for more information)

Please send as much of this information as possible using the below contact form. Many thanks for your help and support.

Val Perrin
Records Officer
Cambridgeshire Bat Group


Data Requests

If you are an ecological consultant and you would like to request bat records as part of your data search, then please contact our records officer Val Perrin, also using the contact form below. Please include the following information for your request:

  • Name and location of the site, including postcode
  • Central grid reference
  • Radius required for the survey (in km)